Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance

Maintaining the exterior appearance of any kind of business you run is just as critical as keeping the interior in its most appealing state. Issues that appear to be small such as concrete cracks, water infiltration, mold growth, and other commonly occurring damages can quickly escalate if undetected or ignored. Not only that, these issues can be very costly to repair and can act as a repellent to potential clients and customers. Commercial property management, when done right, can do wonders for your business.

The exterior of your business can leave a huge impression on a lot of clients and customers, from prospects driving by to those who already landed on your threshold thinking about coming in. This is why Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape drive to excel when it comes to managing the exterior areas of your commercial properties. Offering a full-service program ensures that we will keep your business looking beautiful year-round. You already have enough to worry about running your business so let Pratt’s eliminate one of your concerns by maintaining your property to your complete satisfaction, giving your business a professional look that you and your customers will surely admire.

Here’s a quick look at some of the services we can do for you:

  • Mowing and Weed Eating
  • Lawn Care
  • Seasonal Flower Services
  • Watering
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Pruning and Trimming Services
  • Mulching and Plant Bed Services
  • Debris Removal
  • Irrigation turn on, off, and backflow preventer testing
  • Snow Removal

Make That First Impression Strong and Lasting

First impressions don’t just matter, they can also promote lasting relationships. Have you ever been to a place that doesn’t look and feel nice at all? A natural response is to avoid going back to that place, especially when you are with a company. Most of us have been in that similar scenario at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a client or resident who drives onto your property, you want to make a strong, clear, and positive statement.

The significance of first impressions is widely recognized by hands-on business leaders. More often than not, some people can come up with an opinion about a certain business from the very second they set their eyes on the building grounds. From here on in, initial opinions from clients, customers, and potential employees begin to form as well as lasting concepts of the way your company conducts business and how it approaches its role in the community. Even when you’ve worked hard enough to account for all the bases, determining what will stand out to each observer can be very difficult. That is why stellar commercial exterior designs, and proper commercial property management, should be a priority.

The exterior of your property is a reflection of your business and it is important that the right image and attitude are being projected clearly. Routinary exterior maintenance work gives your business the look and feel of professionalism as well as the elitism it deserves.

Do you have multiple business locations to manage? Then worry no more! Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape can help you keep a consistent appearance across the portfolio. We make sure that the integrity of your property investments is well preserved through our stellar commercial property management services, or you can simply search on the web for, “commercial property management near me”.

Draw In More Clients and Customers

An attractive exterior does more than just please the eye. Have you ever been around a lackluster commercial property and learned about several concerns that customers and employees voice out? Say, an uncovered entrance or unattended stonework that screams for a good power wash may turn into a nuisance. Other hazards that could be looming, such as overgrown vegetation, can also pose risks and hinder accessibility. These can drive prospects away from the property taking their business elsewhere. With a well-groomed exterior, you can easily avoid these types of complaints, transform them into compliments instead, and attract more people to come in. Focusing on maintenance and improvements can draw in new clients, satisfy existing ones, and outshine your competition.

Give A Boost To Your Employee’s Morale

Most employees appreciate a nice view outside of their office window. It can give them a nice refreshing feeling after a short pause on a busy day while on the clock. Investing in improving your employees’ outdoor experience can allow them to unwind, get some privacy, or gather in an aesthetically pleasing place. Moreover, the physical aspects of the workplace and the exterior environment have a direct impact on employees’ performance, productivity, safety, health, comfort, concentration, job satisfaction, and morale.

Every business has overstressed employees. When working on a certain project there are sometimes roadblocks that seemingly keep you from progressing further. More often than not, what we all need is just to simply unplug from the busy scene before going back into the fray. With that said, having an aesthetically pleasing place to let your employees unwind can be beneficial as it allows them to take a breather and calm heightened emotions. This can result in new perspectives and come up with more ways to tackle problems as they return to their respective projects or tasks.

You Care! And It Shows

A great way to show concern is to make sure that people can make it to your business safely. Making sure that the walkways are in top shape as well as maintaining a good outdoor flow to move traffic around your business are of crucial importance. People are normally attracted to a place where they feel safe and out of danger. You can also gain favor in your community through efforts to go green and install native plants and trees or any action that can promote sustainability. Through proper commercial property management, we see to it that your property’s exterior is pristine and welcoming all year round. Call us today or you can simply search on the web, “commercial property management near me”.

Landscape Planting Design and Installation

Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape proudly offers premier landscape design and plant installation services. In our many years of service, we have exercised our creative eyes and listening ears to make that gorgeous and unique landscape that our clients have always desired. Whether your project only covers a small area or one that is complex and large, we are here to get that dreamscape within your grasp!

We are here to assist you with any project, large or small, residential or commercial. We will work with you from estimating to design & installation until the job is completed. We can add plants to an existing landscape or help you design a new one. We will help you develop a unique design customized for you and your budget. Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape is all about getting the job done right and producing reliable results.

At Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape:

People, safety, and quality are more than a priority, they are a value. We are here to assist you with any project, large or small. We only guarantee the highest quality and standards to satisfy your personalized needs. Check out some of our other main services: