Snow Removal

If you are a commercial business looking for a grounds maintenance contract, or already are a current commercial customer with us, don’t forget about the ice and snow to come in winter!

Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape has Snow Professionals in your area! We recognize the importance of reliable, top-notch service. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of knowledge and to making sure we have your establishment clear of snow or ice! Call Us now, we will handle what you don’t need to! Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape is focused on commercial snow and ice management during our winter months! Pratt’s is committed to providing our services with minimal impact on the environment.

Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape believes that every winter season you should be able to open and operate your business without having to worry about shoveling and/or plowing your parking lots, and walkways.

Business Snow Removal Services Include

Plowing, Blowing, Sanding, Ice Control, Parking Lots, Walkways, and Sidewalks.

Here Are A Few Safety Tips To Prepare

Salt before it snows

While most homeowners salt their driveways and walkways after they’ve cleared away the snow, its actually much more effective to use salt and de-icing products BEFORE the snow begins to fall.

Lay Tarps In Key Areas

Make It easy to clean up snow in key areas quickly by putting down drop cloths or plastic tarps before the snow starts to fall.

Utilize Your Backpack Blower for Light Snow

Just because all the leaves are gone, it doesn’t mean you should put the leaf blower away for the seasons. This is the perfect too to move light, fluffy snow in a jiffy!

Don't let Snow Build-Up Too Much

 It is much easier to remove snow a little at a time than wait until the storm passes to get started. The more snow that falls, the heavier it gets, and the greater the possibility that the snow will stick to the ground, making it much more difficult to remove later.

Stake Your Driveway and Sidewalk Ahead Of Time

Expecting more than a foot of snow in your ware…. create yourself an outline around your driveway and sidewalk with tall stakes. This will make it easier to know where to start your snow removal efforts.

Roof Rakes Are A Life Saver

Heavy snow can wreak havoc on your roof. Excess weight can damage the structure of your roof, causing cracks and even eventual collapse. When snow melts and re-freezes, it creates ice dams that harm your gutters and cause more damage. That is why it is so important to remove heavy snow from your roof as you can. Call Us We can help!

Pam Your Shovel

Shoveling snow is hard enough, but when wet, heavy snow sticks to the shovel, it can make the job seem ten times harder. One way to prevent snow from sticking to your shovel is to spray your shovel with PAM Cooking Spray before heading out of your house! The cooking spray creates a slippery barrier between the snow and your shovel, making it much easier to release the snow where you want it!

Invest In A Snowblower

If you are able to do so, we recommend it!

Practice Healthy and Safe Habits

Shoveling snow is not easy. Be sure to bend your knees and lift with your legs, keeping the shovel blade as close to your body as possible. Avoid twisting motions that can put a lot of strain on your back. Instead, try to turn your whole body when dumping snow. When shoveling more than a few inches of snowfall, don’t try to dig all the way to the ground on your first pass. Shovel a few inches at a time to keep the weight manageable. Give each side of your body a rest by alternating from right to left-handed shoveling. You can also change your grip from underhand to overhand to limit fatigue and prevent sore muscles.

At Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape:

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