Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home when you are treating my lawn?

Your time is valuable, so we do not require you to be on-site during treatment. Our technicians will leave a sign in your yard and an invoice on your door each time, so you know we have been there. If necessary (i.e. locked gate), we can notify you the day before serving so you can plan accordingly.

Do you use liquid or granular materials?

Each round of treatment is catered to meet the needs of your lawn. Some treatments are granular, and some are liquid. Our invoices list specific products used for each round. If you have additional questions, you are always welcome to call us at 502-570-0910 or e-mail us at

It rained shortly after your application. Will it still be effective?

Yes. Most products are activated by rainfall or irrigation, but a few products can be less effective if it rains too soon after treatment. Pre-emergent and granular products will likely benefit from rain or irrigation soon after treatment. It’s not necessary to water the lawn immediately, but within a couple weeks from treatment. Broadleaf herbicides on actively growing weeds need about an hour of dry weather, so they have time to be absorbed by the plant. Once taken in by the plant, rain will quicken the translocation process and result in weeds dying faster

How do I sign up for additional services?

There are several options available to you to add services. You can log in to our website at, you can call our office at 502-570-0910, or you can talk with your lawn care technician when he/she is on your lawn.

Why was my technician only here a few minutes?

A lot of time and effort goes into planning and preparing our routes for each day. Our equipment is set to dispense the proper rates and our trucks are stocked based on the specific workload for that day. This allows your technician to be very efficient with his or her production.

When is the best time to schedule my landscaping project?

Anytime! There is no “off-season” for planting. Our landscape architect is happy to come to look at your project and give you a quote all year long.

Maintenance Tips:

Lawn Mowing

Your lawn should be mowed regularly and at a proper height. Mowing once per week at a height of 3-4” is generally acceptable. On a standard push mower, this usually means putting it on the highest setting available. During peak growth times, mowing twice per week will keep you from cutting off too much growth at one time. Avoid mowing too short, as that will lead to poor turf color and performance and weeds can become established more easily. Sharp mower blades are important and will decrease the turf’s recovery time versus being cut with damaged or dull blades.

Watering your lawn. When and how much

Lawns need about 1” of water weekly. If your lawn shows signs of drought or stress, then additional watering may be needed. Watering during morning hours is best, but busy schedules don’t always allow that. Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day, as that water will likely evaporate before it can reach the turf’s roots. Infrequent, deep watering is best and should be done as needed.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a very important step in home lawn care. One season of light foot traffic, rain, and mowing will pack soil tight and not allow for water and air to penetrate its surface. Annual aeration will relieve that compaction, and better air and water penetration will lead to deeper root development. Overseeding is recommended when aerating to help maintain turf density.


Dethatching is typically not necessary in a home lawn. Regular mowing and maintenance will not allow thatch to accumulate to a point where thatching the lawn would be necessary. Core aeration will penetrate any existing thatch, and as the cores break down, the organic matter will help to dissolve what little bit of thatch exists.

Flea and tick control

Fleas and ticks are a nuisance and can affect your family’s health and enjoyment of your lawn. Treating your lawn for fleas and ticks can help reduce costly veterinary visits, and make your lawn more enjoyable for your pets and family. We will treat the entire area surrounding your home and create a barrier that effectively controls fleas and ticks for up to 45 days.

Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control immediately controls existing mosquitoes, breaks the mosquito life cycle, and prevents these disease-carrying pests from turning your yard into a breeding ground. Our mosquito program consists of five applications per year, with approximately 60 days between each treatment. Discounts and pre-payment options are available. We guarantee results, so service calls between treatments are free for full-service customers.