Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

The weather is great and the atmosphere is just perfect for a celebration in your yard. It’s time to have some fun and entertainment with the family, friends, and guests. However, pesky party crashers can come uninvited and ruin the special occasion – mosquitos. Well, fret not, because when it comes to mosquito control, Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape has you fully covered.

We’re here to help you enjoy your outdoor living, relieving your yard of bothersome mosquitoes while keeping you and your guests safe during the festivities. Our mosquito control breaks the mosquito life cycle and prevents the disease-carrying pests from turning your yard into a breeding ground. Find us through searching, ”mosquito control near me”, or call us before your next event, and we can help remove mosquitoes from your guest list.

Are Mosquitoes Crashing The Party? We’ll Take Care Of Them!

Imagine exchanging vows to your lifelong partner in an intimate setting at sunset under vibrant foliage. Pretty dreamy right? But little did you know that as dusk grows nearer, warm weather spurs a swarm of uninvited guests to come and dine on everyone attending your special celebration. And there’s nothing that can ruin once-in-a-lifetime moments more than endless swatting. This should be the last thing you want your guests to remember about your big day.

When it comes to mosquito care, leave all the details to Pratt’s. Our technicians offer years worth of expertise in mosquito control making sure that your event space is free from all the swatting before the MC, DJ, and servers arrive. Make sure that you include Pratt’s mosquito control service to your wedding planning checklist so you can kiss your mosquito nightmares goodbye! Our mosquito care services are not just for weddings but also for all sorts of outdoor events and gatherings. As one of your best search options for, “mosquito control near me”, our goal is to drive away these party crashers so you and your guests don’t miss any of the fun.

Mosquitos Are Far Worse Than Just A Nuisance

Mosquitos have done more harm to humans compared to any other insect group across the ages. These creatures have been known to cause detrimental effects to human health and well-being, even causing fatalities. These winged menaces have spawned more than 9 new germs ever since the first study on them was conducted. Today, there are five mosquito kinds common to Kentucky that are known for carrying debilitating types of diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Zika, Chikungunya, and West Nile.

Mosquitos can also transmit diseases from other animals to humans. Birds, for example, were the source of the West Nile disease transferred by mosquitos. However, there has been no known transmission between one person to another through mosquito bites. The reason for this is the virus concentrations in human blood never reach a level high enough to infect the biting mosquito. Education through awareness of the dangers that mosquitoes bring, and how they can be countered or prevented, can be a lifesaver.

Take Back Your Yard Through Mosquito Control That Works

When it comes to mosquito care, the mosquito care experts at Pratt’s understand that there is no one size fits all approach. This is why we offer various treatments, both natural and synthetic options, to fit your yard’s specific needs and surrounding areas. Since mosquitoes pose a significant health threat to our beloved family and pets, we take our business seriously by devising a set of effective customized home mosquito care programs, designed for both control and prevention best suited for your specific situation.

The treatments included in mosquito control are an integrated effort that involves source reduction and may also make use of chemical control products when necessary. The treatment plan in a typical mosquito control program starts with a thorough inspection of your property and identifies the kind of mosquito that is causing the issue. Once the inspection is completed and the type of mosquito is identified, the mosquito care professional will then devise a custom treatment plan that can lay out tailor-fitted recommendations and assistance that should cover both source reduction and the necessary chemical product supplementation.

Source reduction is designed to target and eliminate favorable sources for mosquitos to breed and develop such as nearby bodies of water. While the more effective long-term approach is source reduction, further enhancing the effectiveness of a mosquito control treatment plan may require the use of certain chemical products as a supplement. Moreover, source reduction recommendations commonly cover mapping your property to determine the actual or potential development sites of mosquitoes and vegetation management to help keep certain species of mosquitoes away from your area at specific times of the day. Chemical product treatments are used to prevent mosquito eggs from hatching or further development in water environments, as well as killing off adult mosquitoes in their sheltered resting sites. We live up to one of your best options for, “mosquito control near me”.

Good To Know Mosquito Facts

  • Mosquitos are attracted to lights. Bright lights can be very inviting to them.
  • In order for mosquitoes to survive as larvae into full-grown adults, they need water.
  • It’s always a good idea to take precautionary measures before mosquitoes even begin their life cycle.
  • Stagnant water sources are favorable breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Properties near ponds, marshes, depressions, and containers that collect water are risks. These risks are reduced by getting rid of these breeding habitats or by selected treatments.
  • Mosquitoes are vectors, meaning, they are capable of transmitting diseases to humans that cause discomfort and injury.
  • Mosquito bites are capable of carrying and transmitting bacteria, parasites, and viruses, namely Dengue, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Zika, West Nile, and EEE.
  • Itchy bites caused by mosquitoes can lead to secondary infections when scratches cause wounds providing entrance to microorganisms.
  • Not all mosquitoes feed on humans. One example of a harmless type is the Uranotaenia Saphrina which mainly feeds on amphibians, like frogs.

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