Jonathan Kovach

November 17, 2017

I just wanted to take a moment of time to thank you personally for having your company mow and maintain my lawn free of charge during my deployment to the Middle East. It was an incredible gesture of goodwill and support for our veterans on your part. I commend you for being a part of Project EverGreen and their GreenCare programs for troops. This truly shows your commitment to helping the military families in our community.

I know that, personally, your services were greatly appreciated. My wife was a full-time Master’s Degree student and she had to dedicate significant time to her classes and to full-time internship in Lexington four days a week. She also had to be a single parent to our two young children with soccer, dance, piano lessons, school activities and everything else that entailed. Her stress levels while I was gone were off the charts but your generosity gave her one less thing to have to worry about. I think it is hard for non-military families to understand the stress faced by the family of a deployed service member but even more so to understand how one small gesture of kindness can alleviate that stress, even just a little bit.

Perhaps most importantly, you enabled me to focus on my mission while I was deployed rather than worry about how everything was going to get done at the house while I was gone. In the military attention to detail is very important. If you are not completely focused you could miss small but important details that could be critical to the difference between mission success and mission failure. I have seen many times Soldiers be distracted by small, mundane issues from back home. Having people and businesses like yours provide a service like free mowing and snow removal took that burden from my mind.

I know project EverGreen is a voluntary program so your willingness to have your company provide their service, free of charge is a very generous step for a small business owner. I did not want it to go unnoticed. Please thank your staff and everyone who was involved in helping my wife with the yard work while I was deployed. And again, a special THANK YOU to you for your commitment to serving those families in our community who serve their country.