Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care

Keeping the trees and shrubs in your dream outdoor space in top shape requires strict prevention measures. A variety of tree and soft shrub disease types can stunt the growth of your landscaping while negatively affecting the overall beauty of your outdoor space. Addressing pest and disease issues at the onset is particularly crucial in making sure that your landscape remains healthy across all seasons. Preventing diseases and infestations before they happen can save you hundreds of dollars while enjoying the benefits of a marvelous landscape.

When it comes to the prevention or treatment of plant-related diseases, the experts at Pratt’s Lawn & Landscape are equipped with years of experience and state-of-art tools to stay on top of the game. We make complete assessments on your trees and soft shrubs, then accurately diagnose diseases and devise a control plan to help prevent damage to your outdoor green space.

Plant Health Care in Georgetown and Lexington, KY

 Whether it’s insect or disease control, it is essential for both young and mature trees to be treated for prevention. Property owners hesitate to have their trees or shrubs protected because they may be worried an application may somehow hurt their lawn. However, most pest control products do not have any adverse effects on the lawn around the treated plants when applied correctly by a professional. Since we are also in the lawn care industry, our fungicide and insecticide products are chosen carefully, so that not even the slightest of adverse effects are caused to your lawn.

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People, safety, and quality are more than a priority, they are a value. We are here to assist you with any project, large or small. We only guarantee the highest quality and standards to satisfy your personalized needs. Check out some of our other tree & shrub care services: