Lawn Care

It takes more than mowing and watering your lawn for it to reach its full potential. Pratts can help make your yard expectations a reality! Since every lawn is different, our certified lawn specialists will evaluate your lawn to determine your specific needs. Don’t waste time and money trying to do it yourself. That is what we are here for! Our specialists have the insight and resources to eliminate weeds, improve density, and give you a healthy, lush, green lawn that you can be proud of.

Standard Lawn Care Program:

  • Early Spring- Pre-emergent, weed control, fertilizer
  • Late Spring- Pre-emergent, weed control
  • Summer- Weed Control
  • Late Summer- Slow release fertilizer
  • Early Fall- Broadleaf weed control, fertilizer
  • Late Fall- Winterizer fertilizer

Specialty Applications:

  • Preventative Grub Control
  • Flea and Tick Control
  • Disease Control
  • Wild Violet
  • Core Aeration and Over Seeding
  • Power Seeding